Worrying is like wishing or (preying) for things you don't want

Our thought patterns create our future and we mold and shape our own destiny. In our classes you are encouraged to think Positive, Loving, Confidence inspiring thoughts that bring out the best in yourself and in those around you. Because the Body reflects the Mind we enjoy a healthy, happy life of our own creation or suffer in a multitude of ways, physically, mentally and personally spiritually. Worrying isn't good for you in any way and it sure doesn't help the person or circumstance your worrying about! Be in Charge. In class you learn to control your breath with leads to control over the mind, dominion over your thoughts helps you create the life and loving experiences we all were meant to experience and Enjoy. Worrying Never Helped Anyone, unless it was a stimulus for change. Worrying is like Preying for Things you Don't Want. Change your thought patterns and change your life! HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE