Success is in the Doing

I have happily practiced and taught yoga for decades and I have been so fortunate to witness the wonderful benefits of this ancient practice for all my students over the years. Its exciting to see how hatha yoga helps people to transform themselves and their lives. Everything is personaly progressive and never competitive. There is no difference in the benefits to a beginner or an advanced student. I taught a class the other day with 10 students. I had a student in her twenties and a student in her seventies, with the rest of us filling in every other decade . Some of the students were beginners and truly first time participants and some were long time practitioners. We all enjoyed the class and we all got the benefits that were meant for us. In our classes we work on foundational principles so that you can build the strongest and most flexible body that your capeable of. Always a judgement free, competition free zone. Wherever you end up in a pose is perfect for you, you are where your meant to be. Success is in the Doing!